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September 18, 1983 October 31, 2009

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September 18, Sunday

I am in the Outreach Services Center at Sunday Morning Fellowship.

This weekend was another weekend of TV Productions and set-up.  What have I seen in helping with these productions?  Again, to be prepared, and then to TRUST GOD!  Also that protocol is of utmost importance.  Rosalie had to talk to me concerning Craig and having everything set up for him!  Of utmost importance is having Craig’s and Doctor’s places set!

This morning Craig and Michael F. are up front.  I was aware this morning as to how Craig was calling on people to pray and manifest.  Now he is telling us about that, and how he had Word of Wisdom on who to call on to pray and manifest – who needed it and who was hot to do it.  We need Word of Wisdom and God says He will supply our need.



Sunday Night Service
Rev. Randy Anderson:  “The Lordship of Love ~ Duty to Family”

Galatians 6:9-10 ~ Our duty to the Family is to remain in the Household and remind others of the Household.  We are to win, call, and love people back into the Family.
We have a duty to the Household to hear, to stand faithful, to move, to know who I am as a son and my rights as a son.

I Timothy 2:4 ~ This is who is in the Household; it is the knowledge of the Truth.
Romans 12:1-2 ~ The opposite of religion
John 3:1-7; John 19:39 ~ Nicodemus was in the right place at the right time.
I John 3:2 ~ Knowing our rights is being part of the Household.
Galatians 4:1-9; Matthew 21:38; Romans 8:14; Colossians 1:25 ~ HEIRS, INHERITANCE

Ephesians 3:1-2; I Corinthians 4:1-5 ~ Stewards of the Mystery.  We are to make it known.  The way to stay faithful in the Household is to not examine my own self.

Colossians 3:23 ~ The only way to do it heartily is to know my rights and do it unto the Lord.


After Meeting
Randy’s teaching was healing, of course.  Whenever I hear Randy teach, I always get healed.  It was basic, simple love of God, claim your rights Word of God.  I should NEVER second guess myself.  But even if I do, so what!

I came into the Way Corps for the Word to PREVAIL in my LIFE!

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April 4-10, 1983 October 22, 2009

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April 4, Monday

Today began the Advanced Class.  This is my fourth time through the Advanced Class so I should get something big out of it.

My mind reeled (for lack of a better word) as we sat tonight awaiting the hook-up with Craig Martindale.  The intensity was thick.  I get so thrilled thinking of what shall happen in this Class.

We are going to eat breakfast at 6:30 AM.  Work or self-structure from 7:15-8:15 AM.  Class from 8:30-11:30 AM.  Lunch.  Work or self-structure from 1:00 to 2:30 PM.  Twig from 3:00 PM until supper.  Supper and then Class at night.  Today we worked.

Neil and I are finding a balance in our relationship.  I do love him but I so want God to be at he center of our relationship.  I want Neil to grow with you Father; that is my biggest desire.  He’s got great potential and ability.  he simply needs respect, to be built up, to obtain a light heart.  I like to watch him from a distance, observe him from an objective view.  His heart, I believe, is to grow with God and to love people.  I see that because of the detail he picks up on, the little things.  It’s the little things that make the difference.


April 10, Sunday

10:30 Fellowship: Diedre teaches:
Called Out plays “Jesus is Calling”
Dedicates the morning to God.
Diedre shares her story of deliverance.
Vision for walking with God is to walk hand-in-hand with EACH OTHER!  The one Body!  Mystery in motion.

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March 18, 1983 October 19, 2009

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March 18, Friday

Today began with Bless Patrol from 3:10 AM – 6:00 AM.  Greg and I patrolled the Uncle Harry Area together.  It was chilly, in the 20s, with wind and clouds.  But it was peaceful.  My walking pace was slow and easy because I had nowhere to be at any certain time.

I don’t believe I’ve written my new Twig yet.  I’m in Twig 15, Area 2, Branch C, Unit 1.  My Area Coordinator?  Michael M., the wonderful talented Michael M.  My Branch Coordinator?  Rich B., warm and tender and a man of prayer.  My Twig Coordinator?  Rich B.  Who’s in my Twig?  Strong women:  Sue P., Juli B., Karen B.  Good men:  Rich B., Michael F., Greg Y., and Chris C.

What else has been happening?  It’s always hard for me at a Twig change. It seems I think about my inadequacies instead of God’s adequacy in me.  And you know what?  Damn it; that wrong.  I must control my mind to the position I have in Christ.  It seems that I was so bold during and after Lightbearers.  But for some damn, illogical, stupid reason I allow people and circumstances to intimidate me.  No longer jack!

Currently Craig is here and tonight is his last night.  He’s gonna teach us some “good stuff – hot Bible,” then we have a dance with free eats.  I love God.

Father, it’s awesome the awe I go through.  I lift Neil to you.  Show me what to do.  Give me wisdom

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