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Journal Entries: February, 1983

February 5, 1983:  Sick with asthma. Depressed.  The Way Ministry will never fall.  Pondering what will happen to The Way College of Emporia when Jesus Christ returns.  Dr. Wierwille’s Caribbean cruise and how no one came to his fellowships on the cruise ship; he was humbled.  My desire to have a heart like his.

February 6, 1983:  A few notes from a Sunday Morning Fellowship.  I struggle with staying put, continuing my Corps commitment, expressed only in a few words.

February 7, 1983:  Asthma trouble.  Get to work Teacher’s Room.

February 14, 1983:  I’m in the hospital in Emporia with asthma. Mark Chapter 6.  Doubting myself and wanting to be well for Lightbearers.  Wrote a poem to help my self-doubt.

February 19, 1983: Out Lightbearers in Irving, Texas.  Goals for Lightbearers.

February 21, 1983: Lightbearers, first day.  Desires.

February 23, 1983: Lightbearers.  Outreach.  I teach Twig.  Condemnation for not doing enough.

February 27, 1983: Lightbearers.  Meeting with leadership; Lightbearers are not menatlly aggressive enough.  Desire to see the Book of Acts live.


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