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September 28, 1982 July 17, 2009

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September 28, Tuesday

I am in the nightly main teaching.  Doctor and Walter C. are sharing together, sharing about a German fellow who has 5500 Greek manuscripts.  That is where Walter has been while in Muenster, Germany. The German man’s name is Dr. Olins (sp?).

In the Way, we hold the attitude that the Word of God is the Will of God.  Many times our minds read things into the Word.

Tonight: Principles in Working the Word.

Doctor has learned in working the Word that when something looks confusing and there is no explanation, that in biblical times it was just common knowledge.  Such as Jesus Christ at 12 years old.

Example of remoter contexts in working the Word:

Ishmaelites and Midianites
Genesis 37: 11-16
verse 25:  Ishmaelites with their camels bearing goods
verse 28:  Midianites/merchantmen — sold Joseph to Ishmaelites
verse 36:  Pharaoh bought him from Midianites

Gen. 39:1 –Pharaoh bought him from Ishmaelites.  Why are they called Ishmaelites and Ammonites?

Gen. 50:20 – 21 — God turned lemons into lemonade.

Gen.  16:11 — Ishmael is the son of Abraham via Hagar

Gen. 25:1.2 — Midian is the son of Abraham via Keturah.  So Ishmeal and Midian were 1/2 brothers.
verse 9:  Ishmael and Isaac buried Abraham.

To really put all this together I need to read Judges chapters 6 though 8.  But right now turn to Judges 8.

Judges 8: 20 – 26
verse 21:  note the ornaments on camels’ necks
verse 22:  these were Midianites
verse 24:  Ishmaelites were the prey.

Doctor:  If you really want to work the Word, you have to READ it, READ it, READ it.  Get a “feel” for the Word.

Gen. 37: 3 – 11
“Coat of many colors” is probably the mantle of authority.  The eldest son was supposed to get the mantle, but Joseph got it.
verse 25:  They knew from a distance that it was Ishmaelites because of the camels and gold on the camels.  Midianites traveled with Ishmaelites.  All Midianites were Ishmaelites, but not all Ishmaelites were Midianites.  Like all Ohioans are Americans but not all Americans are Ohioans.

Ammonites & Moabites
Deut. 23:3  —  Ammonites came from Lot via Lot’s incest with his youngest daughter; the son was named Ammon.  Lot incested with his eldest daughter and she birthed Moab.  Both Moabites and Ammonites came from Lot.

Ruth 1:22 / 2:2 / 4: 5, 13, 17  —  Ruth is a Moabitess.  She married Boaz.  Ruth is the direct bloodline to Jesus Christ; she is JC’s ancestor.  So what about the command of Deut. 23:3?

Deut. 23: 3–  Refers to men.  Verses 1 and 2 :  testicles removed.
Also Moabitess is feminine:  Moaboyah, feminine noun
Moabite is is a masculine noun

Paul’s Conversion
Acts 9:7 — “the men…stood speechless hearing a voice”
Acts 26:14 — “when we were all fallen
9:7 — “stood” = greek histemai which means to remain motionless.  They all did fall and the men traveling with Paul remained motionless and speechless.

Acts 9:7 — “the men…stood speechless hearing a voice
Acts 22: 9 —  “they heard not the voice
9:7  —  “voice”:  genitive case which makes it the faculty of hearing the voice but not necessarily understanding what is said.
Acts 22: 7,9  —  “voice”:  accusative which makes hearing able to understand

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